This new-to-me Ayla is amazing! It's only one of two wraps (out of many) I've tried so far that I can honestly say I really love. The wrap qualities are divine. This is the wrap that brought my 16 month-old out of her wrap strike. Thank you Lauren for facilitating my newest favorite wrap! I think this one might be permastash.



Barb's twill is definitely one of my favorites because it is soft, on the thinner end for a twill weave, moldable and not overwhelming or heavy at all but still has the extra cush that twill weaves provide. Aries plain and twill weave wraps are very easy to wrap with in my experience. Twills are a bit denser/heavier than plainweaves by nature but again, Aries twill is not overwhelming at all. I can carry my skinny 3 year old in my twill wrap comfortably for short periods of time.

I can carry my chunky almost 9 month old comfortably for long periods of time. The Aries plain weave I own gets plenty of love too! It was the second wrap Barb wove so it may not be comparable to her current plain weave. I do own a plain weave baby blanket from her later work (just last year's) and it feels a lot like an Uppy in hand.



Can I just say that I wore Hunter (my Bub) in Crunchberry pebble weave for just over 4.5 hrs today at our big Queensland show called the Ekka today in Australia and it was so comfy. Hunter even slept for almost 2 hrs even though there was so much going on! Got heaps of compliments and smiles and gorgeous colour remarks. Love this current weft beauty! Yes!



Our first Aries! I've been ISO for a long time and it was love when it arrived!




My review this far!!!  Right out of the box it [the baby wrap] was cushy and extremely soft, beautiful colours.  I am happy that we decided on contrasting rail colours, as it it easier to define with rails as I am tightening.
The shine on the wrap is gorgeous, very supple yet grippy enough to tie off well.  I am extremely impressed on your workmanship, and finishings of the wrap.  Like the tag as the middle marker.  
The diagonal stretch makes the wrap very Moldable which makes it easy to get tight passes with. :) and of course you were great to work with! 

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for allowing me to buy your work by special arrangement.  Mom loved the top and wore it on Mother’s Day.  She couldn’t say enough about it.  Thanks again. 



I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful weaving talent!  The rugs are wonderful.  Colors and all!  It’s so nice to walk in my bathroom and know that you and I had some say in all making it come together. 

Much better than what ‘Dillards’ could have done.  Thanks again. 


Your talent expressed so beautifully in the blanket you have made for my baby will remain my most prized present. 

Thank you. 


Dear Barbara,

Thanks for doing such a beautiful job on my top.  I wore it again last week and had so many compliments. 



Thank you so much for my blanket.  I’m cuddled up in it right now.  It will always make me think of you – thanks!